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Wireless M-Bus

26 Aug , 2016  


M-Bus ( Meter-Bus ) communication is a European Standard for remote readings of gas, water or electricity meters. M-BUS RF click uses the Telit ME70-169 with its’ own protocol stack already installed on the module. We have written a library to use this click for very easy sending and receiving of data, and anything else […]

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Through Hole Soldering – learn how to do it once and for all

23 Aug , 2016  


Ever had troubles with soldering your components? Solder wire dripping? Components getting burned? Well, worry not, because in this article we will teach you whatever there is to know about how soldering works, and to master the art of soldering! Today we will go over Through-hole soldering (TH Soldering). For starters, let’s get to know […]

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One Library for all Steppers

19 Aug , 2016  

Type Stepper 3 clickM4

In the introduction to stepper motors we showed the basics of how they work. Now we need the software that will control our motors. As of today we have three stepper click boards. This article will introduce you how to use the reworked AccelStepper library (a very good and popular lib) to build your own complete solution. The library is reworked in […]

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Multimedia with FTDI – The new mikromedia for FT900 is here!

12 Aug , 2016  


In march of 2015, MikroElektronika first announced full support for FTDI’s FT90x chips. MikroElektronika released the set of compilers: mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic for FT90x. Along came the development boards: the EasyFT90x, we also added the Clicker2 for FT900. The circle was almost complete, until now: the mikromedia plus for FT900 is finally out! Now we […]

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MCP2542 – Use All Benefits of CAN Bus

9 Aug , 2016   Video


Benefits that CAN bus brings in comparison to other serial protocols are already explained at first CAN bus article. Most of that benefits alongside with simplicity of the UART protocol can be found on MCP2542 click board. This click board can be observed like hybrid of CAN and UART which brings all the best from both.   […]

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SpeakUp Click – Control the world with your voice!

5 Aug , 2016   Video


Handsfree technology has always been the helping of people with much to do. Sometimes you just can’t reach that switch, or you have your hands full with groceries and just can’t press that button. Either way, you need an alternative to pressing a button. One of those beautiful alternatives was the human voice – it […]

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Three Electronic Helpers

4 Aug , 2016  


Right now we are offering more than 200 click boards. The majority of them have a single chip or module that carries the functionality of the entire board, but this time we have something really unique compared to all other click boards. C Meter, Ammeter and R Meter clicks (the last one yet to be released) […]

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LoRa 2 – IOT All Over The World Now

27 Jul , 2016  


Reserved frequency bands are different from region to region. For example, the first LoRa click board can not be used in the US because of their laws. That’s why we are introducing the new LoRa 2 click board. This LoRa module has the same firmware like the previous one so this will be just a short […]

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22 Jul , 2016  


One of the most popular communication protocols for communicating with clicks or other MCUs is SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface).  Communication is implemented with a SPI Master and one or multiple SPI slaves. In this blog, we will talk about how SPI communication is used. For clarity, we will look at some examples of SPI communication from datasheet, to […]

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MCP2003B Click – Implement the LIN protocol

20 Jul , 2016  


LIN, short for Local Interconnect Network, is a network protocol used in serial communication between different components inside of vehicles. “Wait, isn’t CAN used in vehicles?” yes, somewhere, but implementing CAN protocol between all the components of a car turned out to be too expensive for manufacturers, so an agreement had to be made. Most […]

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15 Jul , 2016  


Have you ever dual-booted a computer? Or have you ever wondered how your computer knows to load your loaded operating system? It is all done with a form of bootloader. Whether it is Linux running on your desktop PC, or “LED blinking” on your Clicker 2, bootloaders are what control how it all begins.

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Write SPI, Talk CAN, Read SPI – MCP25625

13 Jul , 2016   Video


SPI bus is a favorite amongst most developers inside the embedded world. One master, many slaves and high speed opens a wide variety of possible peripherals. Displays, sensors, and flash memories are some of the most common ones. In this case the peripheral will be MCP25625, Microchips’ controller and integrated transceiver for the CAN bus. The introduction to the CAN bus […]

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Stepper Motors

12 Jul , 2016  


Electric motors are the most common way to translate electrical to mechanical energy and because of that they are everywhere around us. Fans, pumps, toys and electrical tools are just some examples. The main classification can be made by type of the power supply. DC motors are usually used where battery power is needed. AC motors […]

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Using Non-MikroE boards with MikroC

7 Jul , 2016  


Inexpensive development boards are everywhere. They are a popular birthday gift nowadays and given away as door prizes just about every nerd gathering. What if you have one, but want to use it with your favorite IDE from MikroElektronika? Are you doomed, are you going to have to re-gift that shinny new development board your […]

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FT90x Compiler and Visual TFT Merge – A project in one!

4 Jul , 2016  


Up until now Visual TFT and the compiler IDE have been two different entities. You had to make a Visual TFT project, do all the design and editing, and then open the compiler to get to the coding. But, thanks to the ingenious engineers at our software department, this is a thing of the past. […]

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