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8051 roadmap

Compilers Roadmap Update

8051 Compilers Roadmap

17 Nov , 2016  

mikroC, mikroBasic, mikroPascal for 8051

Further details will be revealed as the project develops.

  • Release date: unspecified
  • IDE build: v6.3.0
  • cmd line build: v6.3.0

Make sure you have the latest version of the 8051 compilers while you wait for the new one. You can download it from this page. New users will have a functional trial version. License owners are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades.

IDE reinvented

Just update your compiler and you will feel like getting into a shiny new car. There are over 35 new features, and 110 improvements.

New microcontrollers

We have supported 17 new C8051F3XX and C8051F5XX microcontrollers from Sillicon Labs®.

New Licensing Options

New Activation and Registration keys are quick and elegant solution for unlocking the Demo limit and registering your license.

Live Update service

Waiting is over. With newly integrated Live Update tool you can receive new features and improvements instantly!


  • New Additional devices supported
C8051F348	C8051F349
C8051F34A	C8051F34B
C8051F34C	C8051F34D
C8051F520	C8051F521
C8051F523	C8051F524
C8051F530	C8051F531
C8051F533	C8051F534
C8051F536	C8051F537
  • New! Introduced "iv" keyword for linking functions as interrupt handlers
  • New! Interrupt context saving handling (ICS keyword)
  • New! Initializer of local variables can be variable expression
  • New! Support for anonymous unions and anonymous structures
  • Improved Peephole optimizer minor changes
  • Improved Faster loading of mcl files
  • Improved Faster compiler and linker
  • Improved Several predefined constant added (__8051__...)
  • Fixed: Const Folding of ternary operator.
  • Fixed: Handling of void in expressions.
  • Fixed: Problems with large model.
  • Fixed: Several bug fixed.


  • New! Live update support.
  • New! Added shortcut button for Package examples.
  • New! Pointer handling in watch window shows data it points to.
  • New! Function pointers show the name of the function currently pointing at.
  • New! Value hint in debug mode for pointers shows data it points to.
  • New! Code assistant (CTRL+SPACE) for pointer to structures.
  • New! Welcome screen added.
  • New! Interrupt assistant added.
  • New! Update Project Manager after cleaning project files using ClearProject.
  • New! Double Click on bookmark in Bookmark editor opens file and positioniing on line where bookmark is placed.
  • New! Remove all breakpoints option implemented.
  • New! Added option to reload project file which has been externaly changed.
  • New! Breakpoints are now saved to file.
  • New! Breakpoints are loaded when opening file.
  • New! Double click on break point in breakpoint's list opens editor and set cursor on line with breakpoint.
  • New! Delete one breakpoint from breakpoint list is posible now.
  • New! Project Explorer added.
  • New! Shortcut CTRL + ALT + S (show Statistics)
  • New! Option to always rebuild all sources
  • New! Option to enable/disable a breakpoint
  • New! Image Preview window
  • New! Added toolbar shortcut to open Examples folder
  • New! GIF images supported in Project Manager and Active Comments
  • New! Support for Package Manager
  • New! Active Comments editor
  • New! Highlighting routine under cursor in Code Explorer
  • New! Export Project feature, useful for backing up a project and all relevant files with one mouse click
  • New! Sorting Procedures List by name and by line number
  • New! Drag and drop files to Project Manager
  • New! Labels listed in Code Explorer
  • New! Default symbol representation in Watch Window is taken from symbol definition
  • New! Option to always display Messages when building project
  • New! Legacy layout resembles the look of earlier mikroIDE versions
  • New! Shortcut CTRL+ALT+M - Open MLK file
  • New! Shortcut CTRL+ALT+D - Open DEF file
  • Improved Licensing mechanism
  • Improved Bookmark Editor. You can now view bookmark IDs.
  • Improved Bookmark Editor. You can now see all files in project containing any bookmark.
  • Improved New Project wizard (project folder selection, existing project files added to list).
  • Improved New Project Wizard.
    • Reduced number of steps for creating new project.
    • File name and file path now separated.
  • Improved Library manager. Faster loading of libraries.
  • Improved Search project files in Windows Explorer style.
  • Improved Add project to project group by single mouse click.
  • Improved Search Paths Editor.
    • Copy/Cut/Paste/Select All options for search paths editor
    • Assigned shotcut CTRL + SHIFT + P
  • Improved Statistics is no longer a "modal" window, but rather "stay on top"
  • Improved Code Explorer
  • Improved Add to watch list mechanism
  • Improved Spell checker for all files included in current project
  • Improved Code and Parameter Assistant
  • Improved Library manager loads MCLs faster
  • Improved More user options for control of optimizations
  • Improved Tools moved to panels. Now they are dockable and they receive the Color Style from IDE
  • Additional options included, users wishes fulfilled, minor bugs fixed
  • Improved Code Assistant (CTRL+SPACE) loads faster
  • Improved Faster simulation of Delay_ms and Delay_us functions
  • Improved Build all projects with option to stop the process
  • Improved Project manager shows the total number of projects in project group
  • Improved Replace dialog is being moved to ensure the target text is visible in editor
  • Improved Double click on warning message about non existing search paths opens Search Paths dialog
  • Improved Print & Print preview, fixed print selection
  • Improved Quick convertor
  • Improved Project Manager shows ASM files for all source files
  • Fixed: Issue with setting MCU frequency.
  • Fixed: Creating project with empty name.
  • Fixed: Creating project which name which starts with a digit.
  • Fixed: "File Save As", "Project Save As" and "Save Project Group" give wrong file filters.
  • Fixed: Active comment starts with a digit caused IDE to crash.
  • Fixed: It is not possible to save a project group when projects were added from Project Explorer.
  • Fixed: Statistics window did not always stayed on top.
  • Fixed: In debug mode changing focus between editor and watch list was not momental (Insert, Delete key...).
  • Fixed: Closing file while compile is in progress caused IDE to crash.
  • Fixed: Search paths was not refreshed on starting IDE if "Search Path" window was opened when IDE was closed.
  • Fixed: Removed space characters in front of line code When a bookmarked line is displayed in bookmark window.
  • Fixed: Project settings schemes, some schemes were outdated.
  • Fixed: Remove recent project from Start Page caused exception.
  • Fixed: Code explorer, when undocked worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Progress Bar window did not have border.
  • Fixed: Undo command in editor doesn't return to saved state of file.
  • Fixed: SaveBookmarks doesn't work.
  • Fixed: LoadBookmarks doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Multiple row word-by-word selection.
  • Fixed: Warnings/Hints check box.
  • Fixed: A lot of Search/Replace quirks and bugs.
  • Fixed: Statistics - uncorrect displaying of free RAM
  • Fixed: Loosing all breakpoints when closing editor.
  • Fixed: P16ENH simulator did not performe shadow register switching for interrupt
  • Fixed: In some cases IDE freezes if MCU is changed in Project Settings
  • Fixed: Visible Statistics are updated after build
  • Fixed: 32 bit icons fail to load on some graphic cards
  • Fixed: Auto Save feature
  • Fixed: Indent guides cannot be turned off
  • Fixed: Can not read registry key for WIN7 with UAC on
  • Fixed: Simulator can not start-up in some cases if handler functions existed
  • Fixed: Uncheck in Library Manager does not clear Code Assistant list
  • Fixed: Check in Library Manager clears Code Assistant list
  • Fixed: Compiler version is not visible in caption if no projects are open
  • Fixed: Parameter assistant ignores commas when switching to another parameter
  • Fixed: Improper display of RAM memory usage in statistics
  • Fixed: AutoComplete - Incomplete procedure parameter list
  • Fixed: Various docking windows issues
  • Fixed: Save project group on close
  • Fixed: UAC problem on Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Fixed: Windows Vista and Windows 7 manifest problem
  • Fixed: Code Explorer on Windows 7 x64 does not display images properly
  • Fixed: EEPROM editor loading .ihex and .eed files problems
  • Fixed: Find declaration problems when includes are present
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Close Project - Ide crashes when try to Close Project
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Add file to project - crashes when try to Add project and nothing is selected in Project Manager
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Quick switch between project crashes IDE
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Cann't colse a file in Editor if it firstly removed from Project Manger
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Still generate an ASM file even if it's dissabled in options
  • Fixed: Project Manager - When open a group of projects in PM title bar shows all projects names
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Switch between projects in project group on double click
  • Fixed: Project Manager - On load project group it is posible to build a project for a wrong chip
  • Fixed: Auto save on Build works only for main module
  • Fixed: Code Explrorer - Colors for funtions and procedures are the same
  • Fixed: Statistics - RAM usage differs in Statistics window and Messages window
  • Fixed: Can not resize varialbes column in statistic window
  • Fixed: Active Comments do not genrate after sign '-'
  • Fixed: IDE crashes if try to close project and building is still in process
  • Fixed: Incomplete procedure parameter list
  • Fixed: Docking windows problem
  • Fixed: On Close Project Group - Save project group
  • Fixed: Code Explorer works faster for code over 5000 lines
  • Fixed: New Project Wizard adds the main file at the end of files list
  • Fixed: Select All does not take effect
  • Fixed: Open Project Group can build project before project is completely open
  • Fixed: Close Project Group - always ask for Save
  • Fixed: If two editors are undocked Select All perfoms action in inactive editor
  • Fixed: Steping over a fuction with arguments opens dissasembly listing in some cases
  • Fixed: Print preview for Arctic theme shows entire page in black
  • Fixed: Cancelling changes in [Options -> Tools] does not reset tools to previous state
  • Fixed: Step into function with parameters
  • Fixed: Bookmarks window does not reflect changes when lines are inserted/deleted
  • Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste operations in Watch Window and Quick Converter mistakenly perform the action into active editor
  • Fixed: ALT+Key invokes IDE commands instead of opening menu items
  • Fixed: Program error when docking Project Manager inside Editors window
  • Fixed: Tool parameter "%LIST_FILE_NAME" does not add the name of listfile
  • Fixed: Save project group on IDE closing
  • Fixed: Slow editor response in certain cases
  • Fixed: Adding variable passed by reference to the Watch Window causes error


  • New! Added examples for BIG8051 development system.

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