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Tips&tricks for your next Visual TFT project

3 Aug , 2017  

Since almost all our compilers are now merged with Visual TFT (PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, AVR, and FT90x), we have prepared a quick tips&tricks video about working in the merged version of the software. Learn everything from how to start a Visual TFT project and set the development board definitions, how the align the toolbar and […]

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Compiler Quick Start Guide

20 Dec , 2016  

Introduction Welcome to the MikroElektronika Compiler Quick Start Guide. The goal of this page is to help you make your first project in the compiler and understand how the IDE operates. Our examples will help you along the way. We will take you through all the steps, one by one, and show you how simple and […]

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26 Nov , 2016  

This is a general guide on using mikroBootloader to program any MCU that has the MikroE USB-HID bootloader installed in it. The following MikroE boards are shipped with the bootloader pre-installed: clicker and clicker 2 boards mikromedia boards (all except 5 and 7 inch versions) Ready boards MINI boards Programming with mikroBootloader You can program […]

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How to activate your compiler

22 May , 2016  

MikroElektronika has developed 21 compilers for 7 different architectures and 3 programming languages. Along with the compilers, there are two GUI software for TFT or GCLD, that can be used along with the compilers to help in the process of project development that requires a graphical interface. You can download and use the demo version […]