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How a click board™ is made – Part 2

31 May , 2017  

Find out how we make, package, and sell click boards™. From soldering and mounting components to selling them all over the world.


This article covers the second part of the process of making a click board™. You can see the first part here.

Next time you need some inspiration to be productive, just visit our website and look at all the click boards™. With one released every day, we are proud to say that the quality never wavers. Each one is unique and carefully thought out. It is the perfect example that anything can be achieved if you devote enough effort and time to it.

Let’s begin this second part.


Our Sales team actually opens up this second part of the process. They send notice to the Production team once a click board™ is released and ready for manufacturing.

The documentation for the manufacturing of click boards™ is already prepared days in advance by the Hardware team. So, the only thing Production needs is a green light to start the manufacturing of large quantities.

Then it’s up to the Production team to start the process. Quantity is not an issue here at MikroElektronika, we are able to produce hundreds and hundreds of click boards™ in one afternoon, let alone one whole day.

The quality of each click board™ is carefully inspected.


Once they have the necessary PCB panels, the SMD paste is added to the PCB in the stencil printer. Each click is unique, as you already know, and each one requires a different approach. All the machines in Production are preprogrammed for each click board™ we produce.

The clicks are soldered at the temperature of 245°C, where the SMD paste turns from its soft state to a completely solid one.

In the image above you see click boards™ in the final stage of production. All the components soldered and in their right place.


Our graphic designer Danijela, designs all the packaging herself. Her boxes are like origami. She has a brilliant mind, and she makes sure that the click boards™ have a completely unique packaging, that is functional and beautiful at the same time.

You should see her with a pencil in hand when she is in the first stages of designing a new packaging.

Once the click boards™ are made, they are individually cleaned and prepared to be sent to testing.

Here you see one member of our Production team testing an ECG click. If it works perfectly it’s ready to be sent to the next stage.

After the clicks are placed inside a box, with a label describing their function on the back, they are ready to be sent to our warehouse.


We sell click boards™ to every corner of the world. Our Sales team has a better understanding of the world map than most people. You should see them talking about shipping click boards to Germany, Brazil, and Japan, while they sip their coffee in the morning.

So, this is how the life of a click board™ rolls out, once the Marketing team releases it in the shop:

You see the new click is available in the shop, in the section where all our newest products are featured. Once you click on the buy button, your order is processed within minutes. The specific quantity of the click board is taken from the warehouse and shipped to your address.

You can track the status of the shipment, at any time, after you login to your account on our website. You’ll be amazed at how fast the clicks you ordered are in your mailbox. We are that fast.

The Sales team likes to keep a fast pace, at one moment they are talking on the phone to a customer, and in the other, they are processing an order.

Now that you know how the entire process works, you can sit back in your chair, relax, and think about how we are able to pour so much determination, energy, and innovation into one product. And we do this every single day.