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Compilers Roadmap Update

dsPIC Compilers Roadmap

25 Sep , 2016  

Make sure you have the latest version of the dsPIC compilers while you wait for the new one. You can download it from this page. New users will have a functional trial version. License owners are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades.

Project Log

15.2.2017 – Live update adding minor change to TFT library

The TFT library has been updated to include support for ST7789V TFT controller. The library now includes automatic detection whether the connected display is ILI9341 or ST7789V. To install the update, launch the compiler, go to Help >>> Check for Updates. Development of the new version is proceeding regularly.

27.10.2016 – Compilers released

The compilers have been released together with the update to mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC, and PIC24. The feature list, therefore, refers to the current version of the compiler.

20.10.2016 – Feature list updated to include fixes and improvements to libraries, and new examples

The project is still on track. We added some improvements and fixes that weren’t mentioned in the initial feature list. The most notable addition is the full list of 98 MCUs that will have ICD support. As for other features, if you don’t want to read the entire list again, here’s what’s new: added support for STMPE610/810 library, Fixed issue with problematic AutoComplete macros %DATE%, %TIME%, %DEVICE%, %DEVICE_CLOCK%, %COMPILER%. We also made several additions, improvements, and fixes to libraries, and added new examples.

7.10.2016 – Enabled programming and debugging for 3 dsPIC33 families

We are making steady progress. The previous two weeks were spent in updating mikroProg with new and missing PIC24 and dsPIC MCUs. We have enabled programming and debugging for a total of 18 MCUs from dsPIC33EPXXXGM3XX/6XX/7XX families. In the next few days we will enable another 12 MCUs from the dsPIC33EPXXGS50X family.We will continue with the fast pace in the next week. We expect to enable 16 MCUs from the PIC24FJ1024GA610(6)/GB610(6) family and start working on P24FJxGx412/410/406 families that have a total of 18 MCUs.

Once we go through the entire list of MCUs to support, we will test the mikroProg. This will be the final phase before we release both the compiler and programmer for dsPIC.

30.9.2016 – Project Scope of Work expanded to include update to mikroProg

dsPIC compilers will be released in late October 2016, between the 20th and 30th (they were initially announced for Q3). The reason is that we decided to fully align them with mikroProg (which will also support the new chips listed here). These were initially treated as separate projects, but after starting the project and adjusting the Scope of Work estimate, we decided that updating the entire toolchain (compiler and mikroProg) will be most beneficial for users, and hence justifies the slight delay of the release.

This major upgrade will integrate Visual TFT into the IDE. It also adds support for 80 new MCUs.

  • ETA: Released on 27 October 2016
  • Ide build 7.0
  • cmd line build 7.0

List of features applies to all three languages unless specified otherwise.


Compiler upgrades

Additional 80 MCU supported:

Added ICD support for aditional 98 MCUs:


New features

  • Auxiliary FLASH segment supported
  • Supported Boot segment usage at devices that can have it
  • Added support for AIVT in Boot Segment
  • Bootswp instruction supported in asm
  • Added support for STMPE610/810 library

Improvements and fixes


  • Mixing enum with int types throws appropriate warning


  • SSA optimization off caused shift code not to work in certain cases
  • Initialization image bad alignment
  • False reporting that data is present in message report
  • Optimization conflict with using pragmas SetFuncCall and funcall
  • False recursion and cross calling warning
  • go to in if branch stops compilation and show error
  • Usage of local extern in assembly
  • sbit and operator ?: cause errors in some use cases (applies to mikroC only)

IDE upgrades

  • Visual TFT integrated into compiler IDE
  • Design, Code, Compile, Debug, Program… All from one place
  • Simple and fast switch between design and coding
  • Automated synchronization of edited event file with design, awareness and background compiler on generated code
  • Automated synchronization of generated files with edited code, merge
  • One project, One application with combined predefined visual and compiler settings on one place
  • Easy switching from old projects
  • Added site license activation
  • Key file license is now obsolete
  • Simulator “prefetch” algorithm for some DSP instruction used DSRPAG

Improvements and fixes


  • Export Project now exports whole folder structure.
  • Clean Project Folder cleans whole folder structure.
  • Cleaning changed from selecting specific files to selecting file types to clean.


  • Ctrl+space did not work with arrays without dimension in declaration
  • Watch window elements with Inf or Nan values changed unexpectedly
  • Watch windows throws unexpected error in certain case
  • USART Terminal exceptions in various cases
  • USART Terminal received data may be lost
  • USART Terminal sending data slow
  • AutoComplete macros %DATE%, %TIME%, %DEVICE%, %DEVICE_CLOCK%, %COMPILER%  did not work

Library additions, fixes, and improvements


  • Added library for STMPE610
  • Now with preinstalled packages for FT800, FT810, FT812 and FAT32


  • Added function pointers in I2C libraries
  • Added functions ByteToStrWithZeros and ShortToStrWithZeros in Conversions library
  • New functions for Port Expander library


  • Added missing SPI4 for P33EPXXXMU8XX and P24EPXXXGU8XX
  • PPS Mapping for various MCUs
  • Setting PWM Mode for P24F15KA301 and similar MCUs
  • Flash library for PIC24/dsPIC33epMC2xx/5xx/GP2xx/5xx
  • I2C calculation for EP MCUs with high frequency
  • UART calculation for various MCUs
  • Added missing PPS SPI consts for P24FJ16MC101 and similar MCUs
  • ECAN library forcing MCUs to reset

New examples

  • Added examples for development system BIGdsPIC6
  • Added examples for development system Easy24-33 v6
  • Added Visual TFT examples for various development systems


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