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Compilers Roadmap Update

FT90x Compilers Roadmap

25 Aug , 2016  

mikroC, mikroBasic, mikroPascal for FT90x v2.20

The upcoming new version of FT90x compilers improves the experience of using the IDE merged with Visual TFT. New board definitions and some other options are also added. The update is also significant because it makes the Key File license obsolete. Users will have to update to the activation code license (all existing license owners will be upgraded free of charge).

  • Release date: December 29, 2016.
  • Ide build 2.20
  • cmd line build 2.20

List of features applies to all three languages unless specified otherwise.

Make sure you have the latest version of the FT90x compilers while you wait for the new one. You can download it from this page. New users will have a functional trial version. License owners are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades.

Project Log

The TFT library has been updated to include support for ST7789V TFT controller. The library now includes automatic detection whether the connected display is ILI9341 or ST7789V. To install the update, launch the compiler, go to Help >>> Check for Updates. Development of the new version is proceeding regularly.



  • Added board definition for mikromedia PLUS for FT90x (VTFT part)
  • Key file license is now obsolete

Added options

  • Generate Code for all VTFT projects
  • Generate and Build for all projects


  • MaxLength property (if set >0) now automatically detects if caption length is greater and updates.
  • Software licensing window facelift.
  • Radius property for circle/rounded objects now limited to a maximum of half screen.
  • Progress bar font Start/End char reduced from 32-127 to 37-58 (code size reduced)


  • Changing board definitions sometimes doesn't set calibration method properly.
  • Sound action related code (FT8xx controller) doesn't get generated every time.
  • Some rounded objects can be resized down past corner radius limitations.
  • IDE raises unnecessary warnings when switching from one FT8xx controller to another FT8xx controller.
  • Code merge window is raised undocked.
  • Adding events to screen adds the same events if any object is selected.
  • Touch panel controllers mechanisms improved.
  • Aborting create new pattern wizard takes 2 clicks on the cancel button.
  • Locate projects resource file button remains disabled after code generation.
  • Image objects load images without setting picture ration to 1 resulting in stretched image.
  • Image objects (non FT8xx controllers) missing Picture Ratio property.
  • Design screen responsive to keyboard inputs even though code view is active.
  • Compiler and Visual TFT projects can be easily distinguished by color (Start Page).


  • Added Examples for mikromedia PLUS for FT90x


  • New Visual TFT integrated into compiler IDE
  • New Design, Code, Compile, Debug, Program... All from one place
  • New Simple and fast switch between design and coding
  • New Automated synchro of edited event file with design, awareness and background compiler on generated code
  • New Automated synchro of generated files with edited code, merge
  • New One project, One application with combined predefined visual and compiler settings on one place
  • New Easy switching from old projects
  • New Added site license activation
  • New Project Explorer
    • added stop active folder search option
    • added folder up shortcut
  • New! Library manager
    • added hint on function
    • added drag and drop of function into editor
  • New! Added Back and Forward navigation (similar to web browser navigation)
  • New! Project Manager
    • File handling (rename file directly from Project Manager, auto add of new file to project)
  • New! Add local variable by identifier (CTRL+SHIFT+V)
  • New! Wild Card '*' supported in code completition
  • New! Wild Card '*' supported in Rouotine List
  • New! Code completition handles 1 character permutation
  • New! Synchronized editing
  • Improved: Export Project now export whole folder structure.
  • Improved: Clean Project Folder cleans whole folder structure. Cleaning changed from selecting specific files to selecting file types to clean.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+space did not work with arrays without dimension in declaration.
  • Fixed: Jump to interrupt in simulator didn't work.
  • Fixed: Watch window elements with Inf or Nan values changed unexpectedly
  • Fixed: Watch windows throws unexpected error in certain case
  • Fixed: Out of memory error for extremely big symbols
  • Fixed: Possible PC out of scope in ICD mode when stepping out from interrupt


  • New! Added Examples for MikroMedia HMI 3.5", MikroMedia HMI 4.3", MikroMedia HMI 5", MikroMedia HMI 7"
  • New! Existing standard examples for VTFT imported and available with standard examples


  • New 9 microcontrollers supported:
FT900	FT905
FT901	FT906
FT902	FT907
FT903	FT908
  • New! Command line interface
  • New! SSA optimisation
  • New! Heap supported
  • New! Smart interrupt context saving


  • New! Customizable look
  • New! Layout manager
  • New! Project manager
  • New! Library manager
  • New! Drag and drop files to editor
  • New! Code folding feature
  • New! Autocorrect notification
  • New! Declaration syntax checker
  • New! Advanced bookmark editor
  • New! Macro manager
  • New! New project wizard
  • New! Export Project
  • New! Bug report tool
  • New! Templates for AutoComplete
  • New! Complete Help for IDE + Language and library reference and FT90x specifics
  • New! Spell checker
  • New! Brackets painter
  • New! Code explorer
  • New! Docking manager
  • New! Messages window with filtering
  • New! Grep search feature
  • New! Code Assistant, Parameter Assistant
  • New! Hardware debugger
  • New! Software Simulator
  • New! Edit project
  • New! Interrupt Assistant
  • New! Heap memory manager


  • New! Hardware Libraries:
  • ADC Library
  • CAN Library
  • CANSPI Library
  • Compact Flash Library
  • Digital Capture Interface Library
  • Epson S1D13700 Graphic Lcd Library
  • Ethernet Library
  • Flash Memory Library
  • Graphic Lcd Library
  • GPIO Library
  • I2C Library
  • Keypad Library
  • Lcd Library
  • Manchester Code Library
  • Multi Media Card Library
  • OneWire Library
  • Port Expander Library
  • PS/2 Library
  • PWM Library
  • RS-485 Library
  • SD Host library
  • Software I2C library
  • Software SPI Library
  • Software UART Library
  • Sound Library
  • SPI Library
  • SPI Ethernet Library
  • SPI Ethernet ENC24J600 Library
  • SPI Graphic Lcd Library
  • SPI Lcd Library
  • SPI Lcd8 Library
  • T6963C Graphic Lcd Library
  • TFT Display Library
  • Touch Panel TFT Library
  • UART Library
  • USB Library
  • New!Standard ANSI C Libraries:
  • ANSI C Ctype Library
  • ANSI C Math Library
  • ANSI C Stdlib Library
  • ANSI C String Library
  • New!Miscellaneous Libraries:
  • Button Library
  • C Type Library
  • Conversions Library
  • String Library
  • Time Library
  • Trigonometry Library
  • Memory Manager
  • Printout Library

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