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LoRa 2 – IOT All Over The World Now

27 Jul , 2016  

Reserved frequency bands are different from region to region. For example, the first LoRa click board can not be used in the US because of their laws. That’s why we are introducing the new LoRa 2 click board.

This LoRa module has the same firmware like the previous one so this will be just a short pass through the main and most important features.

LoRa 2 Click

LoRa 2 click board carries Microchip’s RN2903 – long range LoRa technology transceiver. Like the first LoRa click board, this one also complies with the LoRaWAN Class A protocol specifications. More about Class A devices can be found on Lora Alliance web pages.

RN2903 operates in the 915 MHz frequency band which means it ranges from 902.0 MHz to 928.0 MHz. This module can achieve high receiver sensitivity of -146 dBm. This higher sensitivity in combination with adjustable output power,( up to +18.5 dBm ) results in a range of more than 15 km in suburban areas.

There is a choice of three different modulation types : FSK, GFSK and LoRa modulation. Depending on the chosen modulation method, the data rate can vary from 300 kbps for FSK modulation to the 12.5 kbps LoRa modulation.

LoRa 2 can work on 3.3 or Volts power supply. Typical current consumption strongly depends on the current operation mode. In idle state it is 2.7 mA and it rapidly falls to 0.002 mA in deep sleep mode. Power consumption while the device is receiving data is 13.5 mA. Transmit power consumption depends on output power and can vary from 42.6 mA for 3.0 dBm output power to  124.4 mA for maximum output power ( 18.5 dBm ).


LoRa 2 Library

Therefore the only difference between LoRa click and LoRa 2 click is the frequency, and the same library can be used for both of them.

LoRa 2 board expects the same settings for the UART like the previous one :

  • Baud Rate – 57600 bps
  • Packet Length – 8 bit
  • Parity Bits – No
  • Stop Bits – 1 bit
  • Hardware Flow Control – No

If you follow the instructions on the LoRa click board there will be no problem to make your own application. Library can be downloaded from Libstock  or github.

This example might give you an idea on how to implement our library inside your own application.


The whole world is covered now. LoRa click covers EU with 868 MHz and Asia region with 433 MHz band. Now we have LoRa 2 which covers US region with 915 MHz band. These three frequency bands are the main frequencies and all countries in the world allow you to use at least one of them. Before you decide to start using this technology you should check the local laws, just to be sure.

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