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26 Nov , 2016  

This is a general guide on using mikroBootloader to program any MCU that has the MikroE USB-HID bootloader installed in it. The following MikroE boards are shipped with the bootloader pre-installed:

Programming with mikroBootloader

You can program the microcontroller with a bootloader which is preprogrammed by default.

To transfer .hex file from a PC to MCU you need bootloader software (mikroBootloader USB HID) which can be downloaded from:


After the mikroBootloader software is downloaded, unzip it to desired location and start it.

step 1 – Connecting your (mikroBootloader-compatible) board

To start, connect the USB cable, or if already connected press the Reset button on your target board. Click the Connect button within 5s to enter the bootloader mode, otherwise existing microcontroller program will execute.

step 2 – Browsing for .HEX file

Click the Browse for HEX button and from a pop-up window choose the .HEX file which will be uploaded to MCU memory.

step 3 – Selecting .HEX file

Select .HEX file using open dialog window.

Click the Open button.

step 4 – Uploading .HEX file

To start .HEX file bootloading click the Begin uploading button.

Progress bar enables you to monitor .HEX file uploading.

step 5 – Finish upload

Click OK button after the uploading process is finished. Press the Reset button on your target board and wait for 5 seconds. Your program will run automatically.