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How to activate your compiler

22 May , 2016  

License Code

License Code is the new licensing method, and it is present at this moment in the dsPIC and PIC compiler line, starting from the newly released versions 7.0.0. Soon after dsPIC and PIC, all the other compilers will have new licensing methods.


  • How to buy the license
  • How to activate the License Code
  • Note
  • Frequently asked questions

How to buy the license

You can purchase the license by visiting our website. Also, purchase can me made directly from the compiler.

  1. Go to Help -> Activate License
  2. Licact.JPG

  3. Follow the link “Buy the License”. It will take you to the webpage, where you can proceed with the payment.
  4. Software license highlighted.png

  5. After the payment is detected in our system, you will receive the email with the Registration code and the link to follow in order to request the Activation code.
  6. Fill in the online form. Make sure to enter all the relevant data.
  7. After you submit the request, Activation code will be send to your mailbox.

You are now ready to activate the compiler!

How to activate the License Code

Download the compiler you want to use from our website.

To activate the license go through the following steps:

  1. Download the latest version of our dsPIC compiler. This method is currently active only for this family, but we are converting to this model, so soon, all the other compilers will have it.
  2. Open the compiler and go to Help -> Activate license
  3. Licact.JPG

  4. Choose if you want to license compiler part or Visual TFT.
  5. Choose.png

  6. A new window will open. Choose the type of license you want.
  7. Select license type.png

  8. Fill in the Activation code in the required fields and click on the button “Activate”.
  9. Actcode.png

Your license is ready now! Restart the compiler and start your work.


Activation code you received is PERMANENT CODE and you should use it for all future activation.

Do not forget that you have right for the free upgrades for a product lifetime!

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it possible to get the License code and USB dongle as part of the same license?

No, it’s not. You can choose one way of licensing or buy two licenses.

Q. Do I have to keep my License code safe?

Yes, because the same key is used to unlock any new version of the same software downloaded from the MikroElektronika webpage.

Q. Is it true that MikroElektronika provides free technical support assistance?

Yes. Our technical support is free of charge. You can contact us through our helpdesk:

Q. I have lost my activation key. What am I supposed to do?

Please send a request for a new license key to your distributor and briefly explain the situation in the comments section. If the argumentation is correct, you will get a new key free of charge.

Q. It has been 24 hours since I sent my request and I haven’t received the activation key yet. What should I do?

Over the last couple of years there has been a growing problem with E-mail providers identifying incorrectly valid E-mails as spams. Check your spam folder to see if our E-mail has been incorrectly classified. It is also advisable to white list all E-mails from our domain because if our first E-mail was incorrectly classified and lost, there is a strong possibility that all subsequent E-mails will also be incorrectly classified. Therefore, if you do not receive an E-mail from us within 24 hours, please E-mail us at

Q. My antivirus software prevents the license key from accessing the compiler registration files.

You should first disable the antivirus software and re-run the license key application.

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