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Haptic click board

Click Boards

Haptic click – Feel the code on your skin!

3 Feb , 2016  

You are playing your favorite game on your favorite platform. You are driving a car in the game, and as you encounter a sharp turn, you hit your brakes, and start drifting into the curve. While drifting, your joystick is continuously letting you know about it.  This brings you the sensation of a fast car, […]

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10DOF click board

Click Boards

10 Degrees of Freedom – And You Thought 1 Freedom was Enough

25 Jan , 2016  

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or commonly known  as “drones”, are becoming more and more popular. People now use them for all sorts of tasks, from filming cool aerial shots with their camera, to exploring inaccessible parts of planet Earth, where the human foot cannot step. But, have you ever wondered how these machines maintain their balance […]

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