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Compilers Roadmap Update

AVR Compilers Roadmap

29 Aug , 2017  

The new 7.0.1 version of AVR compilers merges Visual TFT, the GUI design tool, with the compiler. Release date: August 29, 2017 IDE build: 7.1.0 Command line build: 7.0.0 List of features applies to all three languages (mikroC, mikroPascal, mikroBasic) unless specified otherwise. Make sure you have the latest version of the AVR compilers while you wait […]

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MikroE Tools & Solutions

How to use the merged IDE (Visual TFT and compilers in one app)

4 Jul , 2016  

======================================================================= UPDATE: This article is a walkthrough for using the new unified IDE that has Visual TFT and compilers merged into a single app. Currently, mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for FT90x, dsPIC and PIC have this option. In time, all compilers will be updated. ======================================================================= Up until now Visual TFT and the compiler IDE have been […]

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MikroE Tools & Solutions

Visual TFT – Part 2: Events, buttons, check boxes

24 Jun , 2016  

Last time we talked about Visual TFT, we went over the basics: we created a project, configured our project settings, and played with the basic components (boxes, circles, lines and labels). That’s all fine and well, but the current project is not interactive with the end user. So what if we want to add a couple […]

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MikroE Tools & Solutions

Guide To Installing MikroElektronika Libraries

21 Jan , 2016  

Adding Libraries to the MikroE IDE Adding libraries to the MikroElektronika’s IDE is probably the strongest reason to use the IDE.   We make it so easy to add serious functionality to your IDE that it truly brings meaning to the phrase “we make professional easy”.  We aim to make your job easier and projects get […]

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