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BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape for click boards

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MikroBUS Cape – Beaglebone Shield

3 Mar , 2016  

Beaglebone black is a SOC using the ARM7 architecture running the Linux OS.  The running kernel was adapted specifically for the embedded world. Interacting with click boards or other peripherals in real-time can be somewhat of a challenge. At times it can be very frustrating if this is your starting point in the embedded world. Advantages exist however, for this […]

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MCU Benchmark

Embedded Development

Benchmarking – How powerful is your MCU?

3 Mar , 2016  

Embedded technology is most commonly used in real-world environments. What this means is that performance in real-time is of much importance. Imagine a pilot steering an airplane, if one of the wings does not respond in exact time, things can go really, really wrong. For an embedded engineer, performance in real-time is maybe the most […]

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