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Embedded Web Server as Smart House Application

30 Aug , 2017  

A quick look at your phone and you know the temperature in your living room. One text message turns the lights around the whole house, and another one regulates the thermostat. It’s a simple truth that smart home devices make our lives easier. So, why wouldn’t you try to make a smart home application yourself? […]

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BeagleBone mikroBUS Cape for click boards

MikroE Tools & Solutions

MikroBUS Cape – Beaglebone Shield

3 Mar , 2016  

Beaglebone black is a SOC using the ARM7 architecture running the Linux OS.  The running kernel was adapted specifically for the embedded world. Interacting with click boards or other peripherals in real-time can be somewhat of a challenge. At times it can be very frustrating if this is your starting point in the embedded world. Advantages exist however, for this […]

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MCU Benchmark

Embedded Development

Benchmarking – How powerful is your MCU?

3 Mar , 2016  

Embedded technology is most commonly used in real-world environments. What this means is that performance in real-time is of much importance. Imagine a pilot steering an airplane, if one of the wings does not respond in exact time, things can go really, really wrong. For an embedded engineer, performance in real-time is maybe the most […]

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