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ECG click and mikroPlot – the complete solution for human heart data analysis

21 Oct , 2016  

The world of embedded technology is getting wider and wider by the year. More and more embedded systems are becoming a part of our everyday life, making it easier for us to do all the tasks that were once deemed impossible. One of the fields in which embedded technology is very useful is medicine. A […]

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Microcontrollers have a Heart too

7 Sep , 2016  

Heart rate sensors are an interesting way to use IR LEDs (Infared Light-Emitting Diodes) and photo diodes to find a hearts’ pulse. Amazingly, the intensity of light received through the photo diode is actually different depending on how much blood is in your arteries. In this blog we will cover a photodiode’s basic operation, and how […]

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Three Electronic Helpers

4 Aug , 2016  

Right now we are offering more than 200 click boards. The majority of them have a single chip or module that carries the functionality of the entire board, but this time we have something really unique compared to all other click boards. C Meter, Ammeter and R Meter clicks (the last one yet to be released) […]

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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

30 Jun , 2016  

With the Compass 2, you will never again be lost while sitting at your desk. Program away without fear of losing your direction. A magnetometer is used to determine the direction it is facing. In this blog, we will talk about how to use the Compass 2 with the library provided by MikroElektronika, if you’d like […]

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Embedded Development

Quantization of Your World, Part 3 – Efficient ADC

28 Jun , 2016  

Great, we have clocking on our ADC that will be compatible with our sampling rate, now all we need to do is turn it on and let the data flow right? Ah, nope. Where are you going to put all this data and how are you going to deal with it all? Good question. When […]

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Embedded Development

Quantization of Your World, ADC Conversion Part 2

13 Jun , 2016  

If you took in the Borg representation from part 1, then you now know of the gap that is between the analog world and the digital one. We need to setup our hardware to sample this analog universe and to do this we are going to be using the MicroChip dsPIC33EP512MU810 MCU to do it. […]

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Hardware & Electronics

Capacitive vs. Resistive Touch Panel – What feels better?

2 Jun , 2016  

The history of user interface devices is a pretty interesting one. And, while looking at how different machines have interacted with humans throughout the years, one may think it is a funny one also. From punched cards to joysticks and gloves. From joysticks and gloves to mice. From mice to voice, ingenious engineers have developed different […]

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Embedded Development

Quantization of Your World, Part 1

30 May , 2016  

When the Borg from Star Trek assimilated a world it took all of its’ knowledge and technology and incorporated it into its own. In order for them to adapt the new information into the collective they had to quantify the data based on some point of reference. Once the information was quantified, measured and recorded, […]


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MEMS Sensors: Conversion of the Physical World to the Digital World

26 May , 2016  

MEMS sensors or Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems are the sensors and actuators at the bare metal of embedded systems. MEMS are used for airbag systems, automatic door locks, security systems , earthquake detection, inkjet printers, kitchen appliances, and of course computer peripherals. In this blog we will explore the different ways you can use MEMS sensors. We […]

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Energy and Cost Effective – TouchClamp

20 May , 2016   Video

TouchClamp click is a touch board that caries the MPR121 second generation NXP capacitive touch controller.  The board uses a very well known capacitive sensing technology, one we have already described in the CapSense article. Now this technology is starting to find its way into several innovative products such as the devices that change your desk into a PC interface device. […]

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Leader in Humidity Measurement – SHT

4 May , 2016  

There is a lot of different sensors for this kind of job. In this post we are going to present the new version of one of the most popular sensors for this kind of measurement. SHT click caries the new SHT3x-DIS by Sensirion. If you are not new to the embedded world, you probably know of […]

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Going the Distance with Fiber Optics

8 Apr , 2016  

We all love servos, we love them with breakfast, lunch and dinner. But one serious concern that arises is when we include other noisy components and interference gets in the way. This problem is compounded to extreme when you introduce distance. The further you get from the PWM source the greater the signal is degraded […]

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Timer Calculator Software

MikroE Tools & Solutions

Time is an Enemy and Friend

26 Feb , 2016  

Time to visit an old and sometimes unappreciated friend, timers.  We use timers for just about everything.  They are the only real thing that links the digital work and ours, time. Since a MCU really has no concept of time, most of the time we want things done as soon as possible, but other times […]

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Ir Distance click

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IR Distance click – Know just how far you are

4 Feb , 2016  

It’s been a long day at work, you hop in your car and drive home through the daily rush hour. Finally, you’ve arrived, only thing left is to park the machine in your garage, going backwards in. You put your gears in reverse, give some slight gas, and look at your rear view. But the […]

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Universal RTC click library

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Time, Time, Who has the Time

28 Jan , 2016  

Real Time Clocks (RTCs for short) Little attention is payed to the little piece of silicon on your board that is responsible for counting every second of every day.  What is taken for granted is the fact that most of your protocols, like tcp, require some reference to time. If time is not accurate, frames can […]

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