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Multimedia with FTDI – The new mikromedia for FT900 is here!

12 Aug , 2016  

In march of 2015, MikroElektronika first announced full support for FTDI’s FT90x chips. MikroElektronika released the set of compilers: mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic for FT90x. Along came the development boards: the EasyFT90x, we also added the Clicker2 for FT900. The circle was almost complete, until now: the mikromedia plus for FT900 is finally out! Now we […]

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MikroE Tools & Solutions

mikromedia HMI – A New Display for all Purposes

24 May , 2016  

Back in February of 2015, MikroElektronika started supporting a new architecture of microcontrollers – the FT90x from FTDI. Although new in this endeavour, the FT90 proved itself to be a worthy microcontroller, running on 100 mHz by default, it is one of the faster architectures out there. One step back of this chip, however, is […]

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