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Embedded Development

Raspberry Pi examples with click boards™

13 Nov , 2017  

Pi 3 click shield connects the world largest collection of add-on boards – click boards™ with one of the today’s most popular embedded platforms – Raspberry Pi. Here you can find library examples written in Python, a powerful language recommended even for the programming newcomers. With Pi 3 click shield you are adding two mikroBUS™ sockets to […]

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Flip n click board

Embedded Development

Running Python on a Flip n Click

1 Feb , 2016  

A new and upcoming project is emerging and it has fangs.  Ever wanted an easy to use, high level, multi-threaded language on their micro-controller?  Well it is now a reality thanks to the good people at Viper .  What makes it even more exciting is that is runs on the Flip n click like they were […]