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Compilers Roadmap Update

AVR Compilers Roadmap

29 Aug , 2017  

The new 7.0.1 version of AVR compilers merges Visual TFT, the GUI design tool, with the compiler. Release date: August 29, 2017 IDE build: 7.1.0 Command line build: 7.0.0 List of features applies to all three languages (mikroC, mikroPascal, mikroBasic) unless specified otherwise. Make sure you have the latest version of the AVR compilers while you wait […]

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Compilers Roadmap Update

FT90x Compilers Roadmap

25 Aug , 2016  

mikroC, mikroBasic, mikroPascal for FT90x v2.20 The upcoming new version of FT90x compilers improves the experience of using the IDE merged with Visual TFT. New board definitions and some other options are also added. The update is also significant because it makes the Key File license obsolete. Users will have to update to the activation […]

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