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Embedded Web Server as Smart House Application

30 Aug , 2017  

A quick look at your phone and you know the temperature in your living room. One text message turns the lights around the whole house, and another one regulates the thermostat. It’s a simple truth that smart home devices make our lives easier. So, why wouldn’t you try to make a smart home application yourself? […]

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RF Technologies & IOT

Successor Stronger Than Parent – CC3100

31 Oct , 2016  

There are always situations in real life when some old stuff — no matter what we’re talking about, whether it be sneakers or your favorite Hi-Fi amplifier — must be replaced with something newer and you think to yourself: “If I just can get the new one it will be at least as good as the old one was.” […]

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RF Technologies & IOT

Access the World Wide Web easily with WiFi 5 Click

19 May , 2016   Video

Ever since the start of the MikroE. Learn pages, we have covered a significant number of radio modules. We went over Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa RF, GSM, EnOcean and NRF. Today, we are going to cover one more radio: WiFi 5 click board.  We will not go into depth on how WiFi actually works, for this occasion, […]

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